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Learning about Custom Cigarette Boxes Before the Interview

Jenny bought five different types of custom cigarette boxes from a local shop. Her interview was due three days later. She was working successfully as a graphic designer for a fashion house when lockdown due to COVID was declared. Soon, half employees from her department were dismissed. Unfortunately, she was one of them. It was not because she was unskilled at what she did. It was she was a newly hired employee which not much experience. The company decided to retain seasoned graphic designers who could work from home and help the respective company move forward in these difficult times. She was not fond of smoking. Buying three packets of custom cigarette boxes made her feel guilty. She needed to remind herself that she did not smoke. Not anymore, at least after the accident in which she lost her husband and a child.

As she headed to her apartment, her brain started playing the incident. She wondered why did the companies never print on the printed cigarette boxes not go near them especially, when depressed. She could feel her throat closing up as she lit a cigarette after three long years. Three years of loss. Three years of loneliness. But the moment she entered her house, her eight-year-old smiled and greeted her. She threw away the cigarette for good. She decided that he was the reason for her to live. She had to remain alive for him and herself. She had to give happiness a chance to re-enter her life.

Her son looked at the printed cigarette boxes with questions in his eyes. She kissed his forehead and pulled out a newspaper from her bag. She made him read about the job opportunity of a graphic designer at a renowned tobacco company. ‘It is just for studying’, she assured him, her voice firm.

What jenny learned from cigarette packaging boxes

Jenny enjoyed a hearty meal with her son. She listened to his stories and about his day at school. She helped him with his math homework. Rick decided to watch some television during his two-hour break before he left for art lessons. He was very good at painting landscapes. His teacher Mr. Lawrence did not want Rick to miss even one class. He was sure that one day Rick’s paintings, will be acknowledged by the whole world. While Rick was gone, Jenny cleaned up the house and opened the word document on her laptop. She wanted to jot down the details of the design and text of the visual content printed on the cigarette packaging boxes.

She noticed that all the three printed cigarette boxes she bought had different colors. Although they belonged to the same company, their branding elements were varied. All these boxes had their retail marketing prices printed on the boxes. These boxes included information related to tar, nicotine, and tobacco. It also had information about the type of filter used in the cigarettes. She opened a box to find a flip-top box, which had room for twenty cigarettes. The concentration of the tar and other elements was the least in white-colored boxes. However, the concentration of these elements was highest in the red-colored boxes.

Customization of custom cigarette boxes

The manufacturers of cigarette boxes in USA also crafted boxes that packed ten cigarettes in a box. We made these custom cigarette boxes to look attractive using full-color printing and additional add-ons like;

  1. Spot UV
  2. Foil stamping
  3. Matte coating, etc.

Jenny studied the boxes for two hours. She logged on to the company’s website to learn more about the firm. By the time she was done, she was confident that her interview will go well. 

If you are a cigarette brand searching for functional, durable, and attractive cigarette boxes, check out the options with ClipnBox.


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